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Henry Paulson was Treasury Secretary during the Bush-Cheney maladministration. In just the three first paragraphs of an Op-Ed in the New York Times he summarizes a disastrous economic failure of the past and warns that if we don't act now to prevent it, we could be facing another in future. It's about climate change:
There is a time for weighing evidence and a time for acting. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my work in finance, government and conservation, it is to act before problems become too big to manage.

For too many years, we failed to rein in the excesses building up in the nation’s financial markets. When the credit bubble burst in 2008, the damage was devastating. Millions suffered. Many still do.

We’re making the same mistake today with climate change. We’re staring down a climate bubble that poses enormous risks to both our environment and economy. The warning signs are clear and growing more urgent as the risks go unchecked.

It gets better. Read it all. And this is a big-time Republican insider. A big-time banker. Let's hope those who listen to big-time Republican insiders and big-time bankers read it all. And take notice. Send it to anyone you know who listens to big-time Republican insiders and big-time bankers. Because we need them to read it all and take notice.

Please read below the fold for more.

Paulson says there are legitimate questions about the economic consequences of acting, but he says the economic risks of doing nothing are "profound." He easily eviscerates the argument that we can't act alone, and that the rest of the world needs to do its part, by pointing out that we can't lead if we're not taking care of our own responsibilities. He warns that the danger here is more dire than that of the financial collapse, because although many still suffer from that collapse, government action then was able to avert complete catastrophe. But climate catastrophe can't be averted by last minute action.

He discusses the science, and that the Arctic is melting even faster than had been predicted. He points to the recent scientific studies that revealed that the melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet is now irreversible. He wonders what other thresholds will be unexpectedly passed.

I’m a businessman, not a climatologist. But I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with climate scientists and economists who have devoted their careers to this issue. There is virtually no debate among them that the planet is warming and that the burning of fossil fuels is largely responsible.
Paulson supports a carbon tax, and he succinctly obliterates the argument of those in his own political party. He points out that a carbon tax is government interference because it is paying a high cost to help repair the damage from climate-related disasters such as Hurricane Sandy or Oklahoma tornadoes:
In a future with more severe storms, deeper droughts, longer fire seasons and rising seas that imperil coastal cities, public funding to pay for adaptations and disaster relief will add significantly to our fiscal deficit and threaten our long-term economic security. So it is perverse that those who want limited government and rail against bailouts would put the economy at risk by ignoring climate change.
Climate change is a severe national security risk. The world's foremost expert on the economic impacts of climate change now says the costs will be even more devastating than had been previously estimated. Averting climate catastrophe is extremely affordable, if we act now.

The science is clear and present and overwhelming. There are no excuses not to act now. Future historians will regard those who oppose acting now as among history's greatest failures. Or worse.

Originally posted to Laurence Lewis on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 09:06 PM PDT.

Also republished by Climate Change SOS, DK GreenRoots, and Daily Kos.

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  •  Hank Paulson should simply fade away, given (12+ / 0-)

    his role in tanking the economy

    Warning - some snark may be above‽ (-9.50; -7.03)‽ eState4Column5©2013 "If we appear to seek the unattainable, then let it be known that we do so to avoid the unimaginable." (@eState4Column5)

    by annieli on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 09:15:37 PM PDT

      •  motivating the GOP resembles their bipartisanship (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Joe Jackson

        in the Obama presidency, so it would be better to call it "BenBergdahPaulsongahzi"

        Warning - some snark may be above‽ (-9.50; -7.03)‽ eState4Column5©2013 "If we appear to seek the unattainable, then let it be known that we do so to avoid the unimaginable." (@eState4Column5)

        by annieli on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 09:31:01 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  An Energy Tax has always been a GOP goal (0+ / 0-)

        Even Romney's primary economic adviser called for one during the last presidential campaign.

        Paulson realizes that the federal government needs more funds.

        He's also cognizant of the increased calls in the WSJ, NYT and FT for a tax on wealth.

        So what better way to head off a tax on wealth than a REGRESSIVE tax on energy.

        No Dem who purports to champion the working and middle class can possibly support a tax on energy, a tax which will SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE INCOME AND WEALTH INEQUALITY.

        There's a word for people like Paulson.

        They are called...


        Learn about Centrist Economics, learn about Robert Rubin's Hamilton Project.

        by PatriciaVa on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 09:13:37 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  you don't understand (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Calamity Jean

          the concept of a carbon tax.

          The cold passion for truth hunts in no pack. -Robinson Jeffers

          by Laurence Lewis on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 10:01:24 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  Not only that.. (2+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            Laurence Lewis, METAL TREK

            But I also think that Patricia is missing the big picture here.  Global warming has the potential to become one of the most dire threats that we have ever faced as a species.  

            We're in the process of blindly knocking over dominoes with barely a clue of what the ultimate results of our actions will be.  Within that mystery box are really catastrophic scenarios that could have us scrambling to prevent our own extinction.

            Inequality is a big issue, but its not even on the same plane of existence in terms of relative importance.

        •  a carbon tax would be revenue neutral (0+ / 0-)

          A cap and trade makes producing carbon more expensive which reflects it's cost to our society. It's fair and does not increase taxes overall, it redistributes them.

          Bush Sr. was proud of the cap and trade system that reduced sulfur emissions. Why are the Republicans against their own system?

      •  Renewable Energy for Climate Victory (0+ / 0-)

        We have to pressure our government to take major action to stop the degradation of the biosphere from climate change. It's time to eliminate the excuse our fossil fuel loving oligarchy uses for "resources" wars for oil that bring nothing but misery to us and profits for them.
        Let's make oil a liability, not an asset!
        Why?  Because that is what it actually is! Burning fossil fuels is killing us. the sooner we stop "valuing" that poison, the sooner we strip the power away from the war lovers that wield it. Our very democracy is in jeopardy because of centralized energy corporations. That's right; it's just as much about political power as about energy.
        Demanding 100% Renewable energy is the way, not only to the extremely important goal of a viable biosphere, but absolutely essential to regaining our democracy from the fossil fuel industry that buys our politicians with the profits from pollution fuels while said politicians keep fossil fuel and nuclear power plant "subsides" (taxpayer theft!) to tilt the energy playing field against renewable energy.
        This is a chart of the fossil fuel subsidies versus renewable energy! If that isn't a "level" energy playing field that looks like an alpine slope, I don't know what is.
        I started a petition on Care2: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort. I'm hoping that if enough people sign my petition, we can make a difference. Will you help me collect more by adding your name? [img][/img]

        Here's a link to the petition:
        Thank you and please pass it on. We'll have real traction against the polluters if we can get 100,000 to several million signatures by September when the petition is to be delivered to the White House.

    •  Krugman on Paulson (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Pescadero Bill, Yonit, T Maysle, BMScott

      Dr. K has a blog post up about Paulson's op ed.

      ...But that’s not the sad part about Paulson’s piece; no, what’s sad is that he imagines that anyone in the party he still claims as his own is listening. Earth to Paulson: the GOP you imagine, which respects science and is willing to consider even market-friendly government interventions like carbon taxes, no longer exists. The reins of power now rest firmly, irreversibly, in the hands of men who believe that climate change is a hoax concocted by liberal scientists to justify Big Government, who refuse to acknowledge that government intervention to correct market failures can ever be justified...
      emphasis added

      Read the whole thing.

      "No special skill, no standard attitude, no technology, and no organization - no matter how valuable - can safely replace thought itself."

      by xaxnar on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 08:52:35 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Even within the GOP there are factions of the (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:


        The risk of death to the entire planet may just be a great wedge issue to split their stubborn adherence to their otherwise single-minded ideology.

        In the end, if that brings about enough politicians to vote for actions to mitigate climate change, then I say "Bring it on."

        Let the Tea Party'ers flap in the breeze and fade to obscurity like the idiotic and antiquated Gadsden flag.

        Like trying to excite all of a hundred people at a 'million man' Tea Party gathering; "Don't tread on me! Don't tread on...oh forget it ." {sigh}

        "We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." - Louis Brandies

        by Pescadero Bill on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 09:38:41 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  if it's the biggest challenge we face (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        smartalek, METAL TREK

        Then how can you remain part of the party that has spent the last 30 years doing everything it can to prevent action?

        How can you support the party whose energy policy is three words: "Drill Baby Drill"?

        It's nice to see Paulson acknowledging the threat of climate change. But he's not running for anything. He doesn't represent anyone. If the sum total of his contribution to combating the problem is writing an op-ed than he can go pound sand.

        Let's be clear, there are millions of Republicans that are concerned about global climate change and believe that emissions are the cause. They represent a vanishing minority of the GOP. They are powerless, nearly voiceless and routinely mocked by the rank-and-file and even the Senators and Representatives they voted for. And why? Because despite their grave concerns they still vote for Republicans down the line.

        If climate change is truly the key issue then leave the party. You're not a noble resistance, working from the inside to change things. You're collaborators, providing an gloss of open-mindedness to the dead-enders running your party.

  •  Thanks Laurence. (15+ / 0-)

    Humor Alert! No statement from this UID is intended to be true, including this one. Intended for recreational purposes only. Unauthorized interpretations may lead to unexpected results. This waiver void where prohibited. Artistic License - 420420

    by HoundDog on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 09:30:01 PM PDT

  •  Kind of late jumping on the green bandwagon (4+ / 0-)

    - where was he for the last 30 years?

  •  will the GOP listen? (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Laurence Lewis, FrY10cK

    o just say he's old and just lost it....

  •  It would be nice to suggest that repealing the (18+ / 0-)

    tax breaks given to the fossil fuel industry would not only result in less use of fossil fuels, but could also provide some additional funding to pay for the repair of the damage done by the "severe storms, deeper droughts, longer fire seasons and rising seas."

    But that is probably asking too much from Paulson.

    If the Wall Street community starts taking global warming seriously, can Congress be far behind?

    •  exactly (8+ / 0-)
      If the Wall Street community starts taking global warming seriously, can Congress be far behind?

      The cold passion for truth hunts in no pack. -Robinson Jeffers

      by Laurence Lewis on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 11:27:16 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I have a cousin who happens to be a 4 star general (11+ / 0-)

        who works in the EEOB for the NSC, assessing possible threats that loom in our future, among other tasks. My wife and I recently spent some time with cousin Major General when we were in DC and only one non-family, political subject was raised when we were visiting (by my cousin, not by me): climate change.

        Anthropogenic climate change isn't just on the radar of the military and business communities, it's on their drawing boards. They know it's happening and, finally, the petro-magnates like the Kochs and their running dogs in the media and Congress are starkly arrayed against their traditional allies in the military and corporate worlds.

        Now if the feckless Dem Leadership can just take advantage of this to promote a WWII-scale national effort (ie, an effort that engages every sector of our economy) to retool our energy infrastructure and, in the process, lift us out of our financial quagmire into a new, vibrant and much more sustainable economy - and, as a nice bonus, to greatly enhance national security without deploying battle groups or decimating the Constitution.  

        But fecklessness is a virulent disease. Even Hank Paulson running up the stars and stripes upside down on the NYT flagpole probably won't be enough for them to get really serious. IOW, I'm not holding my breath.  Maybe when the National Mall is being threatened by a rising tidal basin and the foundation of the Washington Monument is undermined....

        "Well, yeah, the Constitution is worth it if you succeed." - Nancy Pelosi, 6/30/07 // "Succeed?" At what?

        by nailbender on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 04:12:26 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Very interesting concept: The president ordering (4+ / 0-)

          the military to work openly, for the sake of national security, on developing clean energy like a Manhattan Project.

          We owe the world that much.

          And thinking in terms of predicting future security risks, if the web-bulb globe temperature predictions of a recent study is correct, and worse case global warming occurs, there will be few places left on earth habitable for humans. One is Alaska. That could make for one hard to secure refugee camp with the ragtag remnants of the several billions of people trying to cram in there.

          "We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." - Louis Brandies

          by Pescadero Bill on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 09:48:36 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  Like Nixon to China! (0+ / 0-)

            It is possible that you've put your finger on the one way that meaningful, and possibly effective, action to forestall (maybe even to reverse) AGW could be attained in the corporate oligarchy that is now "our" country.

  •  It's government's job to "interfere" (8+ / 0-)

    Hopefully positively, at least net. But if it didn't "interfere", it would merely be an advisory group. And that's not what the constitution says it's supposed to do, so Repubs who haven't come around yet need to get with the program or just STFU and go away. This shit's real and it's already happening.

    "Reagan's dead, and he was a lousy president" -- Keith Olbermann 4/22/09

    by kovie on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 10:06:44 PM PDT

  •  Paulson sees his shoreline properties going poof. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    His opinion at this point is too little/too late.

  •  Perhaps Paulson can get Dartmouth, his alma mater, (9+ / 0-)

    … to divest from fossil fuel companies, just as a start.

    The Dutch kids' chorus Kinderen voor Kinderen wishes all the world's children freedom from hunger, ignorance, and war. ♥ ♥ ♥ Forget Neo — The One is Minori Urakawa

    by lotlizard on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 11:06:37 PM PDT

  •  What it means is that... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    nosleep4u, oldhippie

    he has found an angle for the banks to make money on it.

    The United States for All Americans

    by TakeSake on Sat Jun 21, 2014 at 11:12:09 PM PDT

  •  If the world's insurance companies gave lower rate (7+ / 0-)

    to clients' properties and operations in countries with carbon tax structures -- and the lowest rates in countries with the highest carbon tax rates -- then the business world would come around in a hurry.
    The problem with a self-imposed national carbon "tax" means that there will inevitably be carbon tax "loopholes" much like the ones now for income taxes on the fossil fuel corporations. If an entity outside the country is the one to evaluate how much tax is actually being collected, then corporate control of a government is useless, or at best a waste of money. Though politicians are easy to buy, the heads of entities with the prime purpose of making profits for their organization are not.

    "Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free" - Queen Elsa

    by fourthcornerman on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 12:08:29 AM PDT

  •  Look for the Paulson, Bloomberg, steyer "risky ... (4+ / 0-)

    Look for the Paulson, Bloomberg, steyer "risky business" report to come out Tuesday. This oped is the first wave of media for it. Thks for OP!

  •  Seems that brick-by-brick the Republican denialist (8+ / 0-)

    edifice is getting less secure. The other day former Republican EPA admins testified about the reality of climate change. Gov Schwarzenegger on Showtime's "Years of Living Dangerously," espousing belief in climate change. Hopefully, a lot more Republicans get on board. Glad Paulson, for whatever reason, is on board. I don't care who wakes up the Republicans and status quo masses, I want my grandkids to have a decent chance in life.

    •  Arnold was a terrible governor in a lot of ways... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Yonit, Calamity Jean

      Arnold was a terrible governor in a lot of ways, but he was always solid on this issue as far as I know. He was such a strange Republican, certainly no tea partier, certainly no wing nut, but just, I don't know, I guess "pro business" in a way that left California suffering in a lot of ways.

    •  the GOP has regressed (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      In the late 90s and 2000s, the need to address carbon emissions was pretty much agreed fact. The point of contention was how to best proceed and how aggressively to do it.

      Now a Republican can't get elected dog catcher unless he denies AGW and proclaims it a conspiracy of liberal scientists.

  •  Since 'fox' Paulson made many, many millions in... (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    cama2008, tardis10, oldhippie, maryabein

    the banking world before being put in charge of that particular hen house, perhaps he could cough up some of his ill-gotten gains to fund some real action on climate change, hmmmmm?

    Or is he merely trying to immunize his reputation, so history doesn't savage him quite so completely?

  •  this is good news (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Smoh, sidnora, Yonit, Calamity Jean

    but it still is the case that elected GOPs mostly deny climate change.

    This must be a consequence of the interwoven demands of a) the GOP funding base, people like the Kochs, and b) RW media.

    I get the feeling Paulson's beliefs don't matter a lot in this world.

    If he really wants to make a difference he has to cut off GOP funding.

    An ambulance can only go so fast - Neil Young

    by mightymouse on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 05:58:31 AM PDT

  •  I read the piece (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    maryabein, Yonit, Calamity Jean

    before I read your diary, but my reaction is the same: Paulson writes as though there are like-minded, rational conservatives who will heed his voice because if who he is.

    There aren't. Any rational conservatives who would agree with him came to the same conclusions long ago. The people who have the power over energy policy, the elected Republicans in Congress, are not rational, and won't be persuaded to rationality by anyone, no matter how impeccable their conservative credentials. So long as they perceive their  jobs to be dependent on denying the existence of climate change and obstructing any remedy that might redound to the credit of Democrats and the president, Paulson and people like him are talking to no one.

    "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."........ "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." (yeah, same guy.)

    by sidnora on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 06:17:54 AM PDT

  •  I have nothing against Paulson... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    ...beyond what I have against his class.  The bailout, which worked, was his at least as much as Geithner's, and the lack of prosecutions, which is my only objection to the bailout, has nothing to do with either of them except to the extent they persuaded the responsible persons that accountability was a bad idea.  Personally, I blame the people they persuaded, who are supposed to be used to (and used to discounting) lobbying from friends of scofflaws.

    It's not the side effects of the cocaine/I'm thinking that it must be love

    by Rich in PA on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 06:19:10 AM PDT

  •  Republicans always seem to find their conscienc... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Yonit, Calamity Jean

    Republicans always seem to find their conscience once they are out of any real kind of political power. But, whatever, if he wants to join the team that is fine, it would just be nice if someone in the Bush administration had taken a stand back when, you know, they were actually in the White House.

  •  Paulson can rot in hell. (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    oldhippie, Calamity Jean

    Whatever he's pulling, you can be sure its got an angle on it that sucks dollars out of people pockets into his bank accounts.

    "What could BPossibly go wrong??" -RLMiller "God is just pretend." - eru

    by nosleep4u on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 06:24:40 AM PDT

  •  And he should know (0+ / 0-)

    Six years ago this September, Henry Paulson was the challenge of our time.

    Let's see if he gets down on one knee and begs Congressional Democrats and Republicans alike to take action on climate change, or if he thinks such overtures should be reserved only for circumstances where the possibility of free government billions can be procured for him and his cronies.

    We need to invade the Cheney compound. It's ok. They'll greet us as liberators.

    by thenekkidtruth on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 06:28:30 AM PDT

  •  Put any faith in any Republican (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Calamity Jean

    and you will be screwed every time.

  •  brilliant. Paulson not my favorite guy but.... (0+ / 0-)

    editorial is powerful (nothing more powerful than a mea culpa from high places). He will get to the money handlers who need to get on board. now. Lots of money repubs read the NYT's and this editorial gets to them in their most sensitive area: their pockets.

    Macca's Meatless Monday

    by VL Baker on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 07:06:41 AM PDT

  •  Just my opinion (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Yonit, Calamity Jean

    the only people denying climate change now are those who profit from their denial. That goes from the big oil corps to the blogger who gets paid to write garbage in climate change articles and blogs. This also goes to the religious people who use climate change as their "end of days" scenario. Those reps who spout nonsense about climate change are nothing but paid shills who are working their asses off shutting down anything that smacks of ameliorating climate change. My guess is that they think they will get their ticket stamped for the underground hidey holes or the gated "retreats" when the shite hits the fan.

    For anyone (including pols, pundits, or military) to make a mea culpa this late is dreadful, even worse than out right denial; this is because the writing has been on the wall for some time - just ask the military how long they have been working on climate change scenarios. If I were to guess (and it's only a guess since I'm not in the nat sec apparatus) that even the scientists are getting "goosey" about how fast climate change is occurring. One of the tell tale signs of climate change is that the weather will act like it's on steroids. How many hail storms produced baseball sized hail, soft ball sized hail and even grapefruit sized hail in the past month? Rain storms gushing out 5", 6" of rain in a few hours and up to 18" of rain in 24 to 36 hours in the upper midwest. Meanwhile the southwest is drying out and burning months ahead of it's normal fire season.

    I am sure that someone lit a fire under Paulson (maybe the White House?) and someone is trying to turn this ship around through consensus. Look for other Republicans (the few sensible ones at least) to join in the chorus. Just maybe
    the hundreds of millions of $$ lost to climate change will focus our government on what it needs to do.

  •  In other words he's figured out how to monetize it (0+ / 0-)

    Frankly any company not ahead of this will be out when climate change becomes evident to even the deniers.

  •  Every little bit helps, I suppose... (0+ / 0-)

    ...even the recommendations of criminal oligarchs!

    Speaking of little bits and helping, please come and visit The Climate Message Video Festival - 133 musicians and poets speaking out on climate while sharing their artistry.  It'll inspire you, guaranteed.

    Freedom isn't "on the march." Freedom dances.

    by WarrenS on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 09:40:22 AM PDT

  •  He probably figured out his estate in the (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Calamity Jean

    Hamptons is in real danger of being wiped out due to ocean level rise and more violent storms.

    Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps makes as much sense as trying to pick up a chair while you're still sitting in it.

    by Ammo Hauler on Sun Jun 22, 2014 at 10:52:17 AM PDT

  •  This makes me so mad. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    And it's not just this issue--it's so many issues. It makes me so very mad that so many pols don't open their mouths against the status quo in this country when they could make a difference buy enacting change or influencing change.

    Then when they're out of office and powerless, they come forward and endorse righteous and worthwhile causes...but then they're not able to do anything. I see it time and time again with so many important issues and it makes me oh-so-mad. What a shame they didn't have the balls to stand up for what they knew was right when it could have mattered.

  •  Risky Business dot org (0+ / 0-)

    It's Paulson, Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer.

    One might think that Steyer's involvement would engender a more positive reaction.

    I'm a Vietnam Era vet. I'm also an Erma Bombeck Era vet. When cussing me out and calling me names please indicate which vet you would like to respond to your world changing thoughts.

    by Just Bob on Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 06:36:30 PM PDT

  •  Paulson will be discredited as someone who profits (0+ / 0-)

    from cap and trade (or cap and tax as the Tea Party calls it). Any chink in the messenger's armor will be used to perpetuate plausible deniability and willful ignorance.

  •  Global warming IS a significant economic and (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    OldDragon, RJP9999

    security threat. It should be addressed as such.

    If enough Republicans and "others" come around, maybe Democrats can get serious about doing something constructive.

    In the meantime, some cheers to Harley-Davidson for the Livewire (Make it, make it), Elon Musk and Solarcity for buying Silivo with plans for ANOTHER gigafactory in New York state (which is not China), to the state of Texas for creating a wonderful one-two punch with upgraded power transmission capabilities to handle wind-power from West Texas that just *coincidentally* will be a a major boon to the accelerating growth of solar power in the same region.  Turns out solar peaks in the day and wind peaks in the night out there. Who knew?

    Can't make up my mind whether to cheer or jeer those utilities who want to charge special use fees  for home-owners who want to hook their solar systems to the grid.  On the one hand, it seems like it would slow the growth of rooftop solar. On the other -- jacks up the pressure for storage systems to let people get off that freakin' jerked off grid.

    LG: You know what? You got spunk. MR: Well, Yes... LG: I hate spunk!

    by dinotrac on Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 06:40:59 PM PDT

  •  The 'Bottom Line" for rethugs is who pays (0+ / 0-)

    the bottom line, Kochs, etc. They literally cannot change and  even total disaster will not change the alleged minds of the teapublican base, they will deny it even while drowning.

    May you live in interesting times--Chinese curse

    by oldcrow on Mon Jun 23, 2014 at 07:43:22 PM PDT

  •  Conservatives & carbon taxes (0+ / 0-)

    When conservatives like Paulson support carbon taxes, they often couple that support with a call for an end to all government investment in renewable energy. It's just a call for the "market" to solve things: setting a price so that the market works its "magic."

    For a carbon tax to be effective, you need to be investing some of the revenue into strategies that make the tax ultimately irrelevant, i.e., energy efficiency and renewable energy development. And you will probably need to combine it with some other aspects of tax reform to counter the regressive nature of it.

  •  All Republicans do this (0+ / 0-)

    Once they are out of power, they start musing about climate change. Let's see ONE Republican in a position to do something about it make a statement like this.

  •  Heard a discussion about this on NPR today (0+ / 0-)

    And the basic idea is that you can largely bypass the GOP by requiring companies to take climate change expenses and risk in company reports, bond offerings, and IPOs, and require companies to set aside reserves for that.

    This has two direct consequences. First, corporations will be pushing hard for government and even international action on global warming. Second, delightfully, states offering general purpose bonds will have to take climate change into account, even if they have been otherwise directed by their legislatures.

  •  Yes, Hank, And What Did YOU Do About It? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Oh yeah, that's right - absolutely nothing.  

    You and your feckless, stupid boss flapped your gums and yammered about "Teck-Nah-Luh-Jee" and refused to even acknowledge that there was a problem.

    We're now at five years since you and the Imperial Clown Car left town, and 13 years since the Reign Of Error began, 13 whole years pissed away.

    And here you are, taking up space in the newspaper, shocked, shocked to discover that, yeah, climate is IMPORTANT.

    Bite me, Hank.

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